Tuesday, May 20, 2014


PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  - CD REVIEWI wasn't ready for Red June. I looked over the CD cover and grazed over the liner notes. I saw the word “Organic.” I saw a non Martin guitar, a fiddle and a Dobro. I was in full Snob mode. My mind was made up. How can this be any good?

Then Red June took me to school. They took me to school and made me stay after. You'll not hear any hot banjo tunes or breakdowns on this CD. None needed. Red June doesn't roll like that. They are all about their original material. Original material that is tastefully arranged and faultlessly executed. I like this band.

This is a very well conceived and produced CD. The play-list is structured so that it gently reaches out, takes you by the shoulder, turns you, and directs you in the direction of Red June's wares. You think you are getting the idea of their sound after the first two cuts then Whamm! I Am Free, an a'capella gospel song sets you firmly back in your seat. If this song doesn't raise the goosebumps on your neck nothing will.

... It is refreshing to me as a fan of all things acoustic and as a reviewer to get to hear fresh, well written and performed music..”

- Marty Warburton / Prescription Bluegrass

Where has this band been? How do they get away with writing material like this? It just gets better and better. Red June goes 11 for 11 in the song writing department. Will Straughan ( Dobro, guitar, mandolin and vocals) offers 5 of his writings for this project including the title cut Ancient Dreams.

John Cloyd Mille
r ( guitar, mandolin and vocals) adds 3 samples of his work to the mix. Listen for Light of Day and Saddle Up, My Son.

Natalya Weinstein ( fiddle and vocals) Co-writes the previously mentioned I Am Free with John Miller and includes her fiddle tune entitled 31.

File this CD under any musical heading you like, Bluegrass, Appalachian, Americana, even Folk....well...maybe not folk ( Red June plays in tune.) The important thing is to take my word for it and look into acquiring some of Red June's music, or better yet, try to catch them live. It is refreshing to me as a fan of all things acoustic and as a reviewer to get to hear fresh, well written and performed music. This is Red June's third recording project. If the first two CDs are at all on par with this the third, I have missed out... I'm going shopping. Red June has a new fan.

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