Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews: Larry Sparks LONESOME and THEN SOME - A CLASSIC 50th CELEBRATION

Image635434683093582102An old friend of mine had recommended that I get Larry Sparks’ “40” CD seven or eight years ago…… she had worked on the recording and engineering of “40” and her enthusiasm for it, I found out in time, was more that justified. She’s good about steering me towards the “good” stuff, and I think she knew it would teach me plenty, if I would just take the time and really listen.

I did listen, and I learned so much about the depth, strength, history and pure power of bluegrass music from that CD, a recording I still listen to regularly. When Larry’s newest, “Lonesome and Then Some….. A Classic 50th Celebration” arrived, it jumped right to the top of the pile! It’s been here two days and I’m already writing this review. What does THAT tell you? At this rate it’ll be worn out by Labor Day!

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