Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CD Review - Davis Bradley - CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF

Image635543011567013655On the runway this week at the Prescription Bluegrass Airport we have the first recording effort of the Virginia based duo, Davis Bradley, ( that's Kathy Davis and Brad Bishop) entitled: CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF.

Having met less than a year ago, brought together by their love of music, Kathy and Brad filed a flight plan to start a band and play music together. Since that time they have played over 125 “gigs” and have opened for headliners such as The Boxcars. Performing at festivals, wineries and coffee houses. This inaugural CD of 12 selections includes half Davis Bradley originals and half covers of “Bluegrass/Country tunes.” All this without the inconvenience of a TSA pat-down.

Most of the essential ingredients for a successful, airplay worthy album are all here. The recording, engineering, artwork and production are first class. However, repeated listenings found me wishing that Brad and Kathy would have waited a little longer before heading into the recording studio. In the case of Cleared For Takeoff, eight months clearly was not an adequate amount of time for the duo to get their vocal, harmonic and technical intricacies dialed in. Believe me when I say that it is difficult for me to be a Debbie Downer here. But apply any analogy you like; a baseball glove, fine wine, a guitar, a pair of boots, even bananas. They all get better with age and must be given time to work out the kinks and let time, chemistry and familiarity work their magic.

Friday, December 12, 2014

CD REVIEW - The Claire Lynch Band - HOLIDAY

Image635539812898201570One of the cool things about Christmas music, at least since the dawn of the recording era, is being able to hear one's favorite artists put their own twist on familiar Christmas classics. Bing did it. Elvis did it. The Beatles did it too. I like the concept of time tested classics getting tweaked to fit the artist's style. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Right Miley?

The timing couldn't be better for Claire Lynch to finally get around to recording a scrumptious Christmas album. Oh yes it works, it works just fine. Claire herself admits that this CD is long overdue and “the fates have allowed” it to come to fruition. The result was worth waiting for and would make an excellent addition to anyone's Christmas music collection. Especially if you lean heavily in the all acoustic direction. Which, if you are reading Prescription Bluegrass reviews, you are already bitten.

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