Saturday, March 29, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews - MIPSO - Dark Holler Pop

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  CD REVIEWIf you have never heard of the North Carolina band Mipso, you are most likely not alone. The group formed in 2010 when Jacob Sharp (mandolin), Wood Robinson (double bass), and Joseph Terrell (guitar), came together to create a sound that crosses various music styles.

According to Mipso’s website, the renegade traditionalists are doing their part to take three-part harmony and Appalachian influences to the next level. If you prefer traditional bluegrass groups, Mipso may not be the group for you. However, if you are looking for a different sound or something that, while not a highly complex band by some standards, but rather a fun jam band, Mipso is a group to explore.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Walt Crider and the Old Time Way - The Ballad of Johnny Anderson

PRESCRIPITON BLUEGRASS IMAGE -  CD REVIEWAll across America , and the world for that matter, there are bluegrass bands cut from the same cloth as Walt Crider and the Old Time Way.

These bands, these people, are the life blood that perpetuates this music from one generation to the next. Unless you are from the Pennsylvania area chances are that you have never heard of this band until now.

But those same odds say that you have more than likely heard this band's counterparts on the small stages, local festivals, and VFW halls of your own neck of the woods.

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