Monday, March 26, 2012

CD REVIEW - Elena Yeung - Dandelion

By W.J. Hallock

Elena Yeung  -  Dandelion

Released: June 2011

I love my “JOB!” And, I know just how Forrest Gump feels concerning a box of chocolates…… I’ll get a new CD in the mail, have not a clue who or what is waiting inside for me, I’ll open it….. and it’ll end up being Christmas morning!!! 

When Elena Yeung’s new CD, “Dandelion,” arrived, it came with a very polite, hand-written request to be reviewed. How nice, in this age of e-mails, texting and twitter to get correspondence personalized in the author’s own hand! A strong, but delicate and legible cursive….. with an attention to detail, etiquette and correctness like I haven’t seen in years. You bet I’ll review it Ms. Yeung!

Monday, March 19, 2012

CD REVIEW - Freeman and Williams - Freeman and Williams

By W.J. Hallock

Freeman and Williams - Freeman and Williams

Label: Mountain Roads Recordings
Released: January 2012

In my humble opinion, some of the finest singers I have ever heard, I heard in church. And I heard them as a little boy sitting on the piano bench next to my Mother as she played all those great old hymns during Sunday morning services. And to my impressionable little ears, she and her three sisters sang the most beautiful four part harmony in the world. To this day, those familial voices are still one of my favorite childhood memories. There is something so uplifting about great singers singing great harmony on a great song.

Monday, March 12, 2012

CD REVIEW - Steve Spurgin - Past Perfect

By Dan King

Steve Spurgin -  Past Perfect

Blue Night Records
Released: May, 2011

There have been so many wonderful story telling songwriters emerge from the state of Texas over the years, one gets the impression that when a car dealership in the Lone Star State needs a new salesman, they just hand each applicant a pair of boxing gloves and send them out to the service bay to settle who gets the job.

I mean, it’s ASSUMED they can each spin a tale!

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