Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Review - Unspoken Tradition - SIMPLE LITTLE TOWN!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGEI received a CD recently and the title, Simple Little Town, caught my attention. 

Growing up in a small town myself, one where everyone knows each other and multiple generations still sit together in church, I was curious to get this new group’s take on small town life.  After the first track, Unspoken Tradition had my attention. 

Halfway through the project, and I knew the group could write timely lyrics and were solid musicians.  By the end of the CD, I knew this group was serious about Bluegrass and had a sound all their own.

Unspoken Tradition began taking form when founding members Audie McGinnis (guitar/vocals), Lee Shuford (dobro/vocals), and Zane McGinnis (banjo) came together at a picking party in Cherryville, North Carolina.  In 2012, the current line-up took shape with the additions of Matt Warren (upright bass/vocals), Ty Gilpin (mandolin/vocals), and Tim Gardner (fiddle/vocals).  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews: Holly Norman "Appalachian Angel"

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS CD REVIEWPersonally, I enjoy a vocalist with a crystal clear voice and precise intonation, with a tonal character that makes it easy to understand every word.

Holly Norman’s seemingly effortless vocals showcase these characteristics on her brand new release, Appalachian Angel.

As an artistic offering, it is my view that Appalachian Angel, though supported almost entirely by traditional Bluegrass instrumentation, would not likely meet most purists’ criteria for ‘true’ Bluegrass, though it’s earthy, country-Americana flavor would hardly compel them to marginalize its merits. And, though it doesn’t quite have the ‘feel’ of traditional Bluegrass, it does have the heart.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Brooke Foster - Bringing Back The Memories!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  BROOKE FOSTER CD REVIEW  by: Rita SmallFrom the first note of Bringing Back The Memories, there is no doubt that Brooke Foster has put her heart and soul into this CD. This is Brooke’s first CD and she has done a very good job of selecting songs that not only compliment her voice but also give listeners a variety from traditional bluegrass to gospel to familiar country remakes.

While many of us may not know the name Brooke Foster, she is no stranger to the bluegrass world. She has spent the last two seasons entertaining at Renfro Valley and during that time has opened for Melvin Goins & Windy City, performed with American Drive as well as Wendy Miller.

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