Monday, January 13, 2014

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Brooke Foster - Bringing Back The Memories!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  BROOKE FOSTER CD REVIEW  by: Rita SmallFrom the first note of Bringing Back The Memories, there is no doubt that Brooke Foster has put her heart and soul into this CD. This is Brooke’s first CD and she has done a very good job of selecting songs that not only compliment her voice but also give listeners a variety from traditional bluegrass to gospel to familiar country remakes.

While many of us may not know the name Brooke Foster, she is no stranger to the bluegrass world. She has spent the last two seasons entertaining at Renfro Valley and during that time has opened for Melvin Goins & Windy City, performed with American Drive as well as Wendy Miller.

For Bringing Back The Memories Brooke welcomed well-known musicians to be part of the project: Curt Chapman (bass), Randall Conn (banjo), Scott Fields (guitar), Scott Napier (mandolin), and Kati Penn-Williams (fiddle). The musicians were careful in not allowing the instrumentation to become the focus of any song. Instead, players skillfully weave notes in around the melody while leaving Brooke’s voice front and center of each song.

Like many CD’s, not every song is a favorite; however, there were several that caught my attention and gave the rewind button a workout. Without question, Heaven’s Bright Shore is my pick for top song. Brooke sings this song with so much heart and conviction that listeners may feel as if they have been to a revival service when the track ends.

Brooke also gives a nod to country music with Blue Kentucky Girl, a song written by Johnny Mullins and recorded by such greats as Emmy Lou Harris and Loretta Lynn. Even though Brooke added a bluegrass vibe to the song, she stays true to the original version and again sings with so much emotion listeners will get lost in the melody. This is one of those songs were the musicians show how well they know their craft and respect the singer.

Perhaps the most entertaining song on the CD is Shake the Sugar Tree. This song, written and made famous by Pam Tillis, allows Brooke to show her sassy side. You cannot help but smile, and even sing along, on this track.

Bringing Back The Memories is a great beginning for Brooke. This project allows listeners to hear the various aspects of her vocal abilities and personality while letting listeners get lost in some classic songs from both country and bluegrass. After hearing this project, listeners will want to bring back Brooke for more music.

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