Monday, November 4, 2013

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews - Larry Efaw & the Bluegrass Mountaineers - SHE LEFT ME STANDING ON A MOUNTAIN

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - CD REVIEW LARRY EFAW & THE BLUEGRASS MOUNTAINEERSThis CD features genuine old-time, traditional Bluegrass music presented in a way most aficionados of that genre would appreciate.

The core sound is strongly reminiscent of Stanley Brothers recordings and, to a lesser degree, Larry Sparks and Bill Monroe.

Tom Isaac’s banjo playing is strong and the overall rhythm and feel is steady, correct and even a little pushy, at times—with emphasis on a Ralph Stanley-ish type of drive, as opposed to more modern rhythmic incarnations, such as that performed by many post-modern groups like Alison Kraus, for example. The harmonies are tight and the lead vocals are well-placed and well-suited for the chosen material.

By the way, I especially enjoyed the use of twin-fiddles throughout the project—a very nice touch.

The material offerings on this project spans selections from A.P. Carter’s “Waves On The Sea” to the obscure Bill Monroe instrumental, “Old Brown County Barn” to the title cut, the Delmore Brothers “She Left Me Standing on a Mountain.”

There are also five original offerings that highlight Larry and Edward Efaw’s compositional talents that range from the very upbeat “Little Mountain Home” to the waltzy “The Beautiful Shore.” “Eight Steps Toward the Lord,” is a piece co-written by Larry Efaw, Tom T. Hall and Dixie Hall, that showcases the Bluegrass Mountaineer’s proclivity for performing both Traditional and Bluegrass Gospel music.

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Aside from excellent material selections, fine musicianship and vocals, the overall presentation of the product is on par with other professional-level audio offerings. I recommend this project to those who enjoy Traditional Bluegrass music and, more specifically, to those that are drawn to a more authentic and pure Bluegrass sound like that fathered by the originators of our art.

This is a CD that Larry Efaw and The Bluegrass Mountaineers should be proud of and one certain to expand their fan base.

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